Decrease total route time and distance trough smart dispatching!

How MobileLog works:

  1. Create account and register users
  2. Download MobileLog app
  3. Import your orders (web API, CSV file or manually)
  4. Track & trace your orders in real-time
  5. Share your status with clients

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Enable real time collaboration with employees on the road by using existing smart phones trough the MobileLog App.
No extra hardware required! 

MobileLog Web is a cloud solution which works 100% on your browser.
No client software to install!

Track & trace your orders and drivers in real-time by using our web API. MobileLog can be connected to any legacy system!

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Visual Dispatching

on digital map


Dispatching is most effective when done on the map. With MobileLog web application you can visualize your orders and driver positions in real time. 


Set priority filters and different "views" on your daily business in order to reduce complexity of SLAs (service level agreement).


Simply drag and drop your orders to free drivers and they will get notified on their smart devices and get all information without overhead.

Track & Trace

in real-time


Drivers login inside the MobileLog app and start tracking their position and working time


At the end of the day they stop tracking. Working time, position, speed and other useful information is stored in a central database in the cloud.


Back office can use this information for real time dispatching, QA, track & trace for clients, invoicing and salary calculation.

Drivers use their Smart Devices

Receive & confirm orders, scan & proof of delivery


As a driver see assigned orders on smart phone. Easy access to all information necessary to fulfil the order.


MobileLog takes care about productivity and security: initiate navigation apps directly from the app to your preferred navigation software (supported: Apple Maps, Google Maps, Navigon, iGO and TomTom). No time consuming and error prone manual typing!



Seamless feedback loop to clients


Once a POD (proof of delivery) is stored on the phone it will be stored within seconds in the cloud. 


Dispatchers and clients get notified about order status changes in real-time. No time consuming phone calls. Focus on the real work, save time and eliminate overhead.


MobileLog can be used as stand alone solution. API to your legacy system or your client infrastructure can be built with web services (Web API or XML Web Services). 


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